Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Escape" story (page #3430)

"Escape" story (page #3429)

"Escape" story (page #3428)

"Escape" story (page #11)

To be continued...

"Escape" story (page #10)

"Escape" story (page #9)

"Escape" story (page #8)

"Escape" story (page #7)

"Escape" story (page #6)

"Escape" story (page #5)

"Escape" story (page #4)

"Escape" story (page #3)

"Escape" story (page #2)

"Escape" story (page #1)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Human Body & Cells & Atoms"

From the "Ultimate Space Book Club for Children" series of books.
Client: Scholastic Books

Drawbridge Sketch #5 "Ben Franklin Entertains the Neighborhood Kids!"

Ben Franklin was many things- scientist, inventor, astronaut and cyborg. But perhaps he was best known for his hilarious comedy routines which inspired the neighborhood kids to develop what later became known as "Vaudeville." Franklin's famous "kite in a lightning storm" skit was probably his earliest (and definitely his most successful) attempt at comedic performance art.

"Lucky Girl Eating Yummy Slice of Piping-Hot Pepperoni Pizza!"

Client: Scholastic Books

"Bill Alger Cartoons & Illustration" (pencil art)

Self-promotion piece

"Cartoon Networks Presents cover" (line art)

Client: DC Comics

"Some Pokemon vs. Some Other Pokemon!"

From: "Beckett Pokémon Collector Magazine"
Client: Beckett Publications

June Comics #1 "Time To Get Yourself A New Watch!"

Family Dog Magazine: "Dogs of the World- Akita (Japan)"

Client: Family Dog Magazine (an American Kennel Club publication)

Nickelodeon Magazine gag cartoon "Solar Energy"

Client: Nickeloden Magazine

Wednesday, November 17, 2010